Quiltings and textiles

Quilted products for every purpose

We produce quilting for the bedding industry, textiles for the ready-made clothing industry, as well as home textiles for wholesale shops and fabric shop chains. We use compression packaging method for the quilted fabrics to ensure as cost-efficient processing and storing as possible for our customers.

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TT-Weighted blanketTM

TT-Weighted blanket™ is a soft and heavy blanket that creates a sense of calm and security with its enfolding effect. The blanket activates the body’s pleasure center and relieves tension and reduces stress. A weighted blanket helps you fall asleep faster and improves the quality of your sleep. The blanket contains wadding quilted into it, but a normal blanket can be used with it to add more warmth. A weighted blanket is suitable for both children and adults

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Fire-retardant fabrics & quilted lining

As non-fire-retardant textiles do catch on fire easily, fire also spreads in them quickly. Therefore, fire-retardant materials have become more common, especially in public spaces. In schools, health care, and in companies in particular more and more attention is payed to the quality and fire safety of the curtains and interior design. We produce fire-retardant fabrics for many purposes, and we also provide customized solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Make an investment in fire-retardant materials and ensure the safety of your premises!


Tikkauksia ja tekstillejä

Quilting and the waddings

Quilting is a combination of materials with the aim of achieving a certain softness and thermal feature for the finished product. The most common form of quilting is fabric into which the wadding is sewn in using quilting techniques. Quilting is done using large sewing machines with which we can operate also on large pieces of fabrics. Sometimes you want to introduce some effectiveness and eye-catching elements to the quilted fabric with different patterns. Popular patterns include, for example, different sized diamond shapes, even squares, as well as wave and zigzag patterns.


We use mainly wadding manufactured from polyester fiber as the filling material for the quilted products. The wadding is produced in different thicknesses and grades. Our professional staff will select the most suitable wadding for each product depending on their purpose. Where appropriate, we use wadding manufactured from cotton or wool.


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Absorbent materials

In the event of chemical or oil spill, it is essential that the right kind of absorbent materials are quickly available. By supplying the premises with effective and appropriate absorbent materials, you make sure that help is at hand in the event of damage. This way you minimize the consequences of the damage and you can return to a normal everyday life as soon as possible. Our professionals will help you choose the right materials for every premise and purpose.

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Ready-made products

With our ready-made products, you can provide a high-quality customer experience in a cost-effective way. TikkiTeam manufactures an assortment of ready-made textiles for different uses. In our selection, you can find e.g. ready-made bedcovers, pillows and pillowcases, weighted blankets, upholstery, and other textiles for hotels, home, and leisure.


Using our ready-made products is a cost-effective way to provide high-quality fabrics for hotels and accommodation establishments, service housing, and customers needing special care. From our selection, you will also find various textiles for home and leisure. In our selection of ready-made products, we offer e.g. bedcovers, pillowcases, weighted blankets, and upholstery textiles. Our detail-oriented method ensures high-quality results also for high volume orders.


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In addition to our standard products, we offer quilting solutions fully tailored to the customer’s needs. What kind of material, lining, wadding, or pattern you need − let’s work together and create a product just perfect for you.

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