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Garment manufacturing

We have the ability to serve large companies and organizations and perform also more demanding projects. Our project service is delivered in a professional and reliable manner. We do not compromise on quality – the textiles are designed to serve in place for many years. Contact us already today!

Tikkauksia ja tekstillejä

With ready-made products you can provide a high-quality customer experience in a cost-effective way.

TikkiTeam produces selected textiles for different use-cases. Our collection has bed covers, pillows and pillow covers, weighted blankets, upholstery and other fabrics for hotels, the home and recreation, among others.

Our attention to detail guarantees high quality even in greater volumes. 

Tikkauksia ja tekstillejä

We make garments for several different customer groups.

Take a closer look at:

With ready-made products you can provide a high-quality customer experience in a cost-effective way.
We also provide upholstery repair services.
Tikkauksia ja tekstillejä

Work and fashion apparel

TikkiTeam manufactures quilted lining for work and fashion apparel.

Quilted fabrics are durable, and desired characteristics for your product can be produced with selected components, which are:

  • breathability
  • wind resistance
  • heat insulation
  • fire safety

Fire safety

Among other products we manufacture fire-retardant quilted lining for the garment manufacturing industry.

Fire-retardant quilted linings comply with the EN ISO 14116-standard.

Textiles implemented for demanding professional use

Quilted lining can also be manufactured for very demanding conditions and professional use. We have been supplying fabrics for instance for the Finnish Defence Forces. We also provide the quilted lining for the snowsuits of the police officers who patrol on snowmobiles.

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In addition to our standard products, we offer quilting solutions fully tailored to the customer’s needs. What kind of material, lining, wadding, or pattern you need − let’s work together and create a product just perfect for you.

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