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Hotel textiles

We have the ability to serve large companies and organizations and perform also more demanding projects. Our project service is delivered in a professional and reliable manner. We do not compromise on quality – the textiles are designed to serve in place for many years. Contact us already today!

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Hotel textiles

Effective and sustainable luxury with high quality ready-made products for demanding use in accommodation industry.

TikkiTeam provides hotels with a wide range of fabrics that are suitable for different user needs.

For hotels and accommodation establishments we manufacture high-quality utility textiles, such as bedcovers, pillows and pillowcases. In addition to the comfort and safety requirements also the demands of the operational environment are considered in our products.

You will find a vast range of high-quality bedding and home textiles, as well as textiles for accommodation, such as bedcovers, pillows, and pillowcases from our selection.

  • pillowcases
  • bedcovers
  • bottom sheets
  • bedspreads
  • curtains

With our ready-made products you can provide a high-quality customer experience in a cost-effective way.

We offer re-upholstery services also.

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Firesafe fabrics & stitched linings

In addition to non-flame retardant fabrics ignite easily, fire will spread through them quickly. Firesafe materials have become more common in public space interior design. More and more consideration is put into drape and curtain fire safety in education, health care and business.

We manufacture firesafe fabrics for many purposes and also make solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. Invest in flame retardant materials and secure the safety of your spaces!

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In addition to our standard products, we offer quilting solutions fully tailored to the customer’s needs. What kind of material, lining, wadding, or pattern you need − let’s work together and create a product just perfect for you.

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