You can send materials that you want quilted straight to us. We provide the suitable wadding and backcloths.
In our selection, we have waddings and linings suitable also for the clothing industry.
We have focused and specialized in manufacturing quilted fabrics.
We use compression packaging so that you can save money in processing and storing expenses.

Filling material

As filling material for our quilted products, we use mainly wadding manufactured from polyester fiber. The wadding is manufactured into different thicknesses in different grades. The different thicknesses’ measurements are stated in grams per square meter. With great expertise regarding our products we can suggest most suitable filling materials for every purpose. When needed we also offer wadding manufactured from cotton or wool. We offer a vast selection of different kinds of wadding. When needed we are also able to quickly acquire suitable materials to meet your purposes.

What is quilting?

Quilting is based on the combination of different materials. Most common form of quilting is a piece of fabric into which wadding is quilted so that the end product obtains the desired softness and thermal features. Quilting is done using a large sewing machine called a longarm quilting system, which sews the wadding into the fabric in its entire length. To create diverse effects, it is possible to sew several kinds of patterns into the fabric, e.g. different sized diamond shapes, even squares, wave patterns, zigzag patterns etc. We can machine fabrics up to the width of 320 cm.


We have specialized in manufacturing quilted fabrics. With us you will find suitable wadding as well as lining and backcloths for several purposes.

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We can work on materials up to 320 cm in width. We implement also various quilting patterns, such as diamond shapes and zigzag patterns.

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When a chemical or oil spill occurs, it is essential that the right kind of absorbent materials are rapidly available.

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Fire-retardant materials have become more common, especially in public spaces. With us you can find a wide range of fire-retardant textiles.

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Choose your patterns!

Choose your patterns!

We offer a vast selection of different kinds of patterning for quilted materials. Browse our selection here.

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