As non-fire-retardant textiles do catch on fire easily, fire also spreads in them quickly. Therefore, fire-retardant materials have become more common, especially in public spaces. In schools, health care, and in companies in particular more and more attention is payed to the quality and fire safety of the curtains and interior design. We produce fire-retardant fabrics for many purposes, and we also provide customized solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Make an investment in fire-retardant materials and ensure the safety of your premises!

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We have specialized in manufacturing quilted fabrics. With us you will find suitable wadding as well as lining and backcloths for several purposes.

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We can work on materials up to 320 cm in width. We implement also various quilting patterns, such as diamond shapes and zigzag patterns.

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When a chemical or oil spill occurs, it is essential that the right kind of absorbent materials are rapidly available.

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