Quilting is a combination of materials with the aim of achieving a certain softness and thermal feature for the finished product. The most common form of quilting is fabric into which the wadding is sewn in using quilting techniques. Quilting is done using large sewing machines with which we can operate also on large pieces of fabrics. Sometimes you want to introduce some effectiveness and eye-catching elements to the quilted fabric with different patterns. Popular patterns include, for example, different sized diamond shapes, even squares, as well as wave and zigzag patterns.


We use mainly wadding manufactured from polyester fiber as the filling material for the quilted products. The wadding is produced in different thicknesses and grades. Our professional staff will select the most suitable wadding for each product depending on their purpose. Where appropriate, we use wadding manufactured from cotton or wool.

Other products


We can work on materials up to 320 cm in width. We implement also various quilting patterns, such as diamond shapes and zigzag patterns.

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When a chemical or oil spill occurs, it is essential that the right kind of absorbent materials are rapidly available.

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Fire-retardant materials have become more common, especially in public spaces. With us you can find a wide range of fire-retardant textiles.

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