With our ready-made products, you can provide a high-quality customer experience in a cost-effective way. TikkiTeam manufactures an assortment of ready-made textiles for different uses. In our selection, you can find e.g. ready-made bedcovers, pillows and pillowcases, weighted blankets, upholstery, and other textiles for hotels, home, and leisure.


Using our ready-made products is a cost-effective way to provide high-quality fabrics for hotels and accommodation establishments, service housing, and customers needing special care.  From our selection, you will also find various textiles for home and leisure. In our selection of ready-made products, we offer e.g. bedcovers, pillowcases, weighted blankets, and upholstery textiles. Our detail-oriented method ensures high-quality results also for high volume orders.

We produce ready-made textiles for a large number of different customer groups. Learn more about our customers:

Other products


We have specialized in manufacturing quilted fabrics. With us you will find suitable wadding as well as lining and backcloths for several purposes.

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When a chemical or oil spill occurs, it is essential that the right kind of absorbent materials are rapidly available.

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Fire-retardant materials have become more common, especially in public spaces. With us you can find a wide range of fire-retardant textiles.

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